Support our Research

There are many ways to support in its quest to uncover the truth.

Get a unique t-shirt that will get people talking about the topic

Our Mars Metronome souvenirs are one of a kind. Click the shirt to view our products.

The Mars Metronome t-shirt and souvenir shop

The Mars Metronome t-shirt and souvenir shop

Buy equipment for yourselves and do your own research

Have a look at all the fun geeky products on sale.

Real R2D2 Star Wars Robot

Real R2D2 Star Wars Robot

Donate Cash

We’ll certainly put your donation to good use on equipment and other resources to uncover as much as we can.

Discuss potential anomalies that you may have identified

Just leave a comment below or on any page/post or add a link to us on You can share using the share button on the top right of the screen.

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