My interest in space and space sciences began at a very early age. I grew up on Star Trek, Star Wars in parallel with the birth of the Age of Silicon. Similar to the advent of technological progress in the Bronze Age and the Steel Age, the Silicon Age is changing the face of the planet. Our advances in computing technology has commoditized information. We as human’s will eventually realize that information and knowledge is the true universal currency. And computing is the fundamental space travel enabler.

I always pondered upon thoughts of the technical detail of how man could explore the solar system and eventually other star systems and galaxies. My belief is that the goal of man is to understand his/her true nature. Some of the answers are up there in space, but the most fundamental answers are within each person in the “inner-verse”.

I was always interested in UFOs due to SciFi, but never really thought deeply about the subject until my very own UFO sighting. Standing outside in my backyard with some friends, we suddenly notice about 3 “stars” doing some pretty strange maneuvers. Initially we thought it was a satellite, but then the started doing some unbelievable fast and difficult moves that seemed to defy the laws of physics. I would have assumed it was a dream or hallucination if it had not been for other people next to me witnessing the same thing. They basically did some kind of intricate dance with each other (which included some high speed 90 degree turns). They behaved like pixels would on a screen. After about 5 minutes of this, they blinked out, never to be seen again.

My burning desire to seek the ultimate truth has led me down this path and I will keep exploring this until I’ve found whatever truth that I can … I’ve created this blog to formally explore my own thoughts on the fundamentals of the universe (and possibly multiverse) and will attempt to take it out of my mind and share it with you.

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    • Thanks for that clip. Yes, looks interesting but the problem with satellite photos is that its difficult to make out enough detail. I will however lookup the higher resolution originals in the available Moon satellite photo databases and see what I can find.

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