Biker mice from Mars !


My initial article on the Mars Metronome object as created much controversy with approximately 43% of people polled so far agreeing that the Metronome object is artificial. I have discussed my opinion on various science forums. People have many arguments against the artificiality of the Metronome, but when the 10 key observations are assessed as a whole there doesn’t seem to be any counterargument that holds much weight.

So onto the next anomalous finding …

Many people consider the following 2 features (found in images taken by the Curiosity Mars Rover) to resemble rodents scurrying across a rock face. This is mainly because of the shape of the objects and the tail-looking features protruding from one side. The image below is the image that anomaly hunters first used to identify these objects.

Mars Mouse Anomaly

Mars Mouse Anomaly (Click image to zoom)

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The Manned Capsule: Dragon V2

The Manned Capsule: Dragon V2

The new SpaceX capsule: manned capsule The Dragon V2

The new SpaceX capsule: Dragon V2

Introducing the latest edition to the SpaceX family, it is the Dragon version 2. This newly designed capsule holds great promise for the future of civilian space flights.

A capsule that can safely accommodate seven astronauts, conveniently dock at a space station, land anywhere on Earth with precise accuracy and is reusable immediately. This is some of the main features of the new capsule Dragon V2. The unveiling took place on Thursday evening, 29 May. The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, was there to do the unveiling and presentation of the new creation himself.
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