Transient Lunar Phenomenon

On April 29, 2007 Alberto Mayer (amateur Astronomer) from Busto Arisizio, Italy found an incredible discovery almost by accident. He says that while adjusting the focus of his telescope that night at 10:52 pm, when he spotted and tracked on video a UFO as it flew across the surface of the moon.

The short two-minute video he made seems more that of a professional astronomer than an amateur, but he prefers to be called amateur. The video shows the portions of the moon that he was focused on in close up mode while tracking a solid black round object as it flew over the surface of the moon at an elevation he measured to be 214 meters above the moons surface. This video is absolutely amazing, both in the way he put it together and in its organization. The round black item is tracked as he catches it on its journey beginning just after it passed Wallace crater and then passes over Wallace Alps, then on its way it passes below or near these craters, Egede, Eudoxus, Plana. As it passes Plana crater and comes between Daniell & Grace crater, it hovers and hesitates for about 15 seconds, before it makes a sudden change of path at an exact 45-degree angle. Also note that before it turned, 32 seconds into the video it abruptly slowed down to half its original speed before it suddenly hesitated for 15 seconds, and then moved upward at a 45-degree angle. As it moves upwards, you can see it passed the labeled craters on the moon in this order, Grace, Plana, Borg, Bally A, Bally, Gartner, Democritus, Moigno A, Baillaud, and De sitter before it disappears around the moons edges to the dark side, out of the telescopes view. As the black UFO passes by Grace crater, it began to not only speed up, but also continue to pick up momentum until it was 1.75-2.0 times faster than it was when first seen traveling past Wallace Alps! To view a high-res version, see it at Alberto Mayer’s official website at Italian Astronomer’s Original Video . To view the video directly from him, you must go to the above website and then click on the word “movies” where you will be taken to several of his videos, one of which is the moon UFO footage in its highest quality offered.

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